save the gummybears!photoblogging, before it was cool.

A new beginning

When I started migrating the contents from the old site I was pondering at length where to start. I was determined to skip all the code snippets, flash experiments and whatnot, as there would be better places to publish those (and most of them should be left unpublished anyways.)

The older photos were of sentimental value, but technically crap. Luckily, many of them are lost, at least their scans have not survived switching flats and devices multiple times.

So here we are in 2003, letting numerous posts from two years before rest in peace, starting with the first roll of film ever shot with my then new camera and also some of the earliest examples of what would later be infamously know as “architecture-against-the-sky-shots”. aah, the nostalgia.

sorry about the small pictures, but that’s what monitors were sized back then, people!