save the gummybears!photoblogging, before it was cool.


Why yes, I’m still alive and well, don’t let that one and a half year of silence fool you. I just kinda did not have much opportunities to take photos. Also, believe it or not: I’ve grown weary of analogue photography, at least with the printing part. Having the lab develop the pics results in quality mess. Developing on my own results in bathroom mess. And trying to scan any of that results in cumbersome, dusty, low-res Photoshop mess. Hence my shift to digital, beginning with this post – please bear with me while I make it through the HDR hole.

I’ll start with my attempt to bravely cross the Alps by foot, hiking from Lago di Como in northern Italy all the way through Switzerland to ultimately reach Bodensee at the German border. While the start was rather pleasant, the weather turned out to be very changeable soon after crossing the border to Switzerland, at times forcing me to spend the day soaked in rain and cheating with public transport every now and then.

P.S. Of course, in the middle of nowhere, there was a dog incident. Again. 😉